Corners of Eyes & Mouth Wrinkle Patches

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Frownies Facial Patches are non-invasive wrinkle reducing patches worn while you sleep or for a minimum of three hours. Frownies Facial Patches act to form a cast, holding the facial muscles flat, preventing expressions that cause wrinkles. Frownies Facial Patches also release tension in the muscles which helps to smooth existing lines.

Frownies Patches For The Corners of The Eyes and Mouth are used for the crows feet and smile line area. Frownies wrinkle patches smooth static lines not dynamic lines….meaning, when you are smiling you may see dynamic smile lines because you are lifting the corners of the mouth. Frownies won’t stop you from creating those lines. Frownies WILL help to smooth static lines that you see when the face is relaxed. Because of this it is important to remember that the most dramatic results will be seen on the forehead.

Around the mouth and eyes sometimes we see wrinkles and lines because of a loss of elasticity in the skin, sagging skin, or a loss of volume in the face. Frownies Facial Patches cannot tighten loose skin.

We have tested a variety of materials for our patches and paper is the safest and healthiest for the skin. Because silicone and latex are common allergens, Frownies patches and products are Latex and silicone free.

If you have concerns about the adhesive reacting with your skin or your skin​care, test the product or the products together on your forearm or wrist.

The adhesive sticks to the skin and does not absorb into the skin just like a Band-Aid or skin glue. The adhesive is water activated so it will release without any irritation to the skin when properly wet to remove.

Ingredients: Natural weighted unbleached Kraft paper, water activated Starch based adhesive.


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