Pregnancy + Newborns Parenting Course


All the questions you really have about pregnancy and the first few days. Topics include:

baby preparation

  • “Where do I start when it comes to having a baby?”
  • General preparation for pregnancy
  • “Who can be on your birthing team?”
  • “Our birth didn’t go as planned.”
  • Stop Shaming + Blaming
  • How to think about a baby who is late?
  • Detox before trying to get pregnant
  • Taking time off work around due date/after?
  • Planned C-Section?
  • When to interview a pediatrician and what questions to ask?

How to have a healthy pregnancy – pre/during

  • What can mom do to improve changes of healthy pregnancy
  • Supplements during pregnancy
  • Get baby out faster
  • Foods to avoid during pregnancy

What you’ll need

  • Stuff to keep with you while pregnant
  • The hospital bag/baby bag/nursery
  • What do you need for breastfeeding? Pacifier?
  • What do I need for the car?
  • What medical items should I keep at home… and strollers and carriers explained.

Labor, Birth, beyond

  • What will labor be like. What was our labor like?
  • What will happen at the hospital? In hospital procedures – Vitamin K, Hep B
  • Home breastfeeding


  • Fear – “Will I be a good parent?”
  • Drinking
  • Sex – before/during/after pregnancy
  • Botox
  • Travel or all the things you may not have time to do for awhile
  • Family around baby
  • Help at home
  • Should I love being parent?
  • Love at first sight? Not always
  • Partum/Postpartum depression/blues
  • Placenta encapsulation, genetic testing, storing cord blood
  • Baby sleep tips
  • Advice from others – everyone has an opinion!


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